Digital Security Training (DST) Series at Impulse NGO Network, Sikkim


Date: 26,27,28 February, 2024

In collaboration with Impulse NGO Network, Team, conducted a three-day series of Digital Security Training (DST) sessions in Gangtok, Sikkim on 26, 27 and 28 February, 2024.

Each day consisted of five-hour training sessions, having participants from various North-East states that were associated with Impulse NGO and HOPE Sikkim.

The Digital Security Training (DST) sessions were conducted by Vignesh, Technologist, and Syed Mohammad Haroon, Research Fellow,


Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Privacy: Fundamentals and legal implications of privacy

  • Introduction to Your Digital Rights: Empowering citizens with essential knowledge of their digital rights to secure their personal data online

  • OGBV and Legal Resources: Legal resources that women can utilise to address cybercrimes and online harassment

  • Encryption + Secure Communications + Identity Tracking + Password Management: Fundamentals of encryption and protection of devices from identity tracking and password leaks for secure communications

  • Cyber Forensics and Search and Seizure + Malware: Insights into cyber forensics, search and seizure protocols and techniques to combat malware threats


Training Facilitators:

  1. Vignesh, Technologist,

  2. Syed Mohammad Haroon, Research Fellow, is open to collaborating with organizations to conduct pro bono Digital Security Trainings (DST) and help individuals across the globe safeguard their digital spaces. Write to us at if you are interested in a DST.


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