Amity University, Noida


On 13th Sept 2018, we conducted a Digital Security Training at Amity University, Noida for students from Computer Science Department, Amity School of Engineering and Technology.

Topics we discussed

  1. Introduction to Privacy
    1. Privacy
    2. Right to Privacy
    3. Data Breaches
    4. Basic privacy protection measures
    5. Threat Model
  2. Device Security
    1. Preventing malware infections
    2. Secure Password
    3. Managing application permissions
  3. Network Security
    1. Risks with public Wi-Fi
    2. Security measures
  4. Secure Browsing
    1. User Tracking Demonstration
    2. Add-ons for protection against user tracking
    3. Security measures
  5. Secure communication
    1. Secure chat with Signal Messenger
    2. Jitsi for Video conferencing

Organisations we have worked with