Etasha Society


Etasha Society is a not-for-profit organisation working to impart vocational skills to low-level income groups. The society adopts the strategy of imparting skills necessary for a person in India to generate an income. The society conducts vocational training and placement programmes and also women enterprenuership programmes.

The workshop was conducted for 46 participants from the society who were people in diverse roles within the society and a wide age-group. The session was well received and interactive. There were a number of concerns before and after the DST by the attendees. One of the primary concern shared by the younger population was of online harassment. The participants were enthusiastic and they were eager to contribute to the discussion. The trainers kept switching between English and Hindi so as to ensure that there was a more holistic understanding of the concepts and everyone would be able to contribute.

There was enthusiasm from the participants to understand privacy and to be able to protect it. The attendees happily shared instances and experiences. The duration of the training was around 2.5 hours through which the participants promised to look at their privacy and protect their online identities through threat modelling. Upon inquiry about the usefulness of the training the response was enthusiastic and most attendees felt that they learnt something new and would be able to protect their privacy in a better way.

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