Workshop for Journalists


Journalists would wish to prevent the identification of sources (whitleblowers or others that do not wish to be identified) and also to conduct secure communication with their sources in the cases where some sources of information may face discrimination, persecution, death threats or other harsh measures if their identity is revealed.

The use of internet is increasing in every sphere of our lives, especially in the spheres of communication and transfer of documents. Insecure communication can be intercepted, accessed and even modified by eavesdroppers during transmission. Detailed digital profiles are created by tracking our browsing history and online activity. This information can be used to influence us in many ways as revealed by the recent infamous case of Cambridge Analytica data leak scandal. The number of attacks, both targeted and un-targeted, against unsuspecting people on the internet is rising.

We conducted a workshop exclusively for journalists on October 10th, 2018 at our office. In this workshop, basic digital security measures for protecting privacy were discussed, followed by demonstrations showing how to use various tools for securing one’s communications & data. We helped address privacy concerns faced by journalists such as protecting identity of whistle-blowers, conducting secure communications. We also discussed privacy settings on popular Social Media/ Networking platforms such as Facbook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

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